Radiant Robes is a passion project formed by Kyle in Spring of 2020.  She had gone to Bali in January of that year to source silks and start a kimono line she had been manifesting for two years prior. One month after her trip Kyle found herself out of a job due to COVID19. Luckily she had all her silks from Bali staring her in the face and thus Radiant Robes was born!

Radiant Robes mission is to provide the public with quality fabric, that feels like butter on your body, because feeling amazing will transcend into looking amazing. We hand feel all of our fabrics before purchasing, as well as put embellishments on each piece to make them unique as each and every one of you is unique. It is important for us to stress that everything we make is unisex and one size fits most, casting aside gender restrictions and making a beautiful garment for every shape and size. Every kimono comes with a matching head wrap that doubles as a bandeau or belt. Let us drip you!